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  • Only 18% of High Producers are happy with their pay plan

  • Only 27% of Mechanics say their training goals are being met

  • Only 33% of Mechanics trust the team explicitly

Wrench Turner's Coaching

Coaching is a personalized and collaborative process where a coach works with an individual or a group to facilitate self-discovery, learning, and development in various aspects of their personal or professional lives.The goal of coaching is to help Technicians identify their goals, overcome obstacles, and maximize their potential to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

Wrench Turners Services and Coaching Process

Wrench Turner's Wellness Survey

We ask Mechanics targeted questions to get you the Service Leader, intimate shop insight.

They identify areas that require attention and are most important to the team. Areas that you need to improve. Resolution of their needs breeds trust, communication, retention, and what's important to the business... Revenue.Watch the demo walkthrough to see what the insights for your store could look like.

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Wrench Turners Podcast

Joshua Taylor As Guest Content


Corey SmithNational Fixed Operations Training Manager for APCO Holdings, LLC

In the span of three years, I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing Joshua Taylor, a luminary in the automotive industry and the driving force behind Just Work Hard Consulting. As a host of the Wrench Turner's Podcast, Joshua's voice has become synonymous with insightful, technician-focused content, resonating deeply within the automotive community.Joshua's journey from a tech expert to a revered industry coach and ambassador speaks volumes about his commitment and passion. His profound technical knowledge, rooted in years of hands-on experience, allows him to diagnose industry challenges and devise innovative strategies that propel businesses and individuals forward. His consulting firm, Just Work Hard Consulting, is a testament to his dedication to excellence and his unyielding commitment to uplifting every technician he mentors.What sets Joshua apart is his genuine care for people. His interactions are always imbued with empathy and encouragement, making him a trusted confidant and mentor. His ability to connect with technicians and industry stakeholders alike is nothing short of remarkable, fostering a community of learning and mutual growth.As an expert coach, Joshua has an innate ability to identify and nurture potential. His guidance is always pragmatic, tailored, and infused with wisdom gleaned from years of industry experience. His influence as an ambassador for the automotive industry is widespread, advocating for continuous improvement, innovation, and respect for the craft of every technician.In conclusion, Joshua Taylor is a rare find in the automotive world. His intelligence, empathy, and leadership have left an indelible mark on everyone he has worked with. I wholeheartedly endorse Joshua and am confident that his continued influence will be a beacon of progress within the industry.

Anthony DiMolaFixed Operations Leader for Mills Auto Group

"Joshua is helping me to foster a better relationship with our technicians. I am excited to see the positive changes we can make in our shop. Technicians are a valuable resource, and we must treat them with the respect they deserve. I am a huge admirer of Joshua and his wealth of knowledge."

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