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Do you need insight into mechanic retention, value, and productivity?
You can find such insights as...

  • Only 18% of High Producers are happy with their pay plan

  • Only 27% of Mechanics say their training goals are being met

  • Only 33% of Mechanics trust the team explicitly

Wrench Turner's Wellness Survey

We ask Mechanics targeted questions to get you the Service Leader, intimate shop insight.

They identify areas that require attention and are most important to the team. Areas that you need to improve. Resolution of their needs breeds trust, communication, retention, and what's important to the business... Revenue.Watch the demo walkthrough to see what the insights for your store could look like.

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The Reverse Interview

When technicians come to me for coaching, typically, they ask how to make more money. This is usually because they aren’t making enough money or hours and are trying to find another person (being me) to say that it’s acceptable to look for another place to work.This should be the last thing on their mind.So I ask, "Do you work for a high-value leader?"Almost none of these technicians know what that is, nor how to find one.So my follow-up is “what questions did you pose to the hiring manager during the application process?”Their answer? 9 out of 10 of them didn't ask any questions. Which they all regret.What if there was a way to "meet" the hiring manager, in an interview-like setting, without having to ask the questions themselves, and remove that fear barrier...enter "the reverse interview"We (the hiring manager and I) would record an “interview”.I would ask questions, as though I was a mechanic, looking to work for them.This recording would be posted to the Wrench Turners Podcast Stream.Clips from the recording would be created for the marketing department to post.Transcription of the show would be posted to a landing page that we would create with all of the links to the hiring job boards for the Store or Group.A Release day slide deck and post would be created for the hiring manager, which would include the “hiring brochure” you supply, or have us create one for you as an additional cost.The Reverse Interview is a simple way to delegate the promotion of your job ad in a way that gives mechanics the opportunity to meet the hiring manager, without setting meetings, or have lost time for the manager through missed interviews.Click “Discovery” to learn more about timing, and pricing for this service.


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